Open Mind Night 30 November 2012

The MRC/ Wellcome Trust-funded Neurodegenerative Diseases Initiative will be engaging with the public during Brain Awareness Week 2013, by producing a short, multimedia video to increase public awareness of Motor Neuron, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.

In order to create a film which best captures the attention and imagination of our target audience, we will be hosting a focus group called Open Mind Night to gage reactions to a selection of short films, across a small but diverse audience.

The focus group will meet at one of the most unique English classical pubs in London, the Old Bank of England Pub (in the Gallery) on November 30th 2012, 7 pm-late.  Unfortunately, due to limited space, the event will be invitation only. However, feedback and comments regarding the effectiveness of the selected short films listed below are very welcome, please vote below.

Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures 2012
What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?
The Race to the Cure
Why Dance For PD?
Imagine Living With ALS


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