Neurodegeneration Public Symposium March 13th 2013

Brain sketch



Cruciform building, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT

UCL Route Finder for the Cruciform Building


13 March 2013 (Registration from 17:30, Presentations 18:00-19:30, Reception 19:30-21:00)

As modern medicine helps us to live longer healthier lives free of other diseases, degenerative brain diseases are affecting more of us. The World Alzheimer Report in 2010 estimated that 35.6 million people were affected by dementia worldwide, costing US$604 billion in care. The number of people affected is predicted to nearly double to 65.7 million by 2030. The cost of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, motor neuron and other age-related diseases to those affected and their families is incalculable, while the cost to governments is very real. The UK government recognises the major challenges ahead, both to families and the economy, and the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia aims to support improvements to care and research by 2015.

The MRC- and Wellcome Trust-funded Neurodegenerative Disease Initiative is a research network extending across the UK and internationally, which is collaboratively investigating a range of brain diseases with the aim of  identifying and tackling these diseases early. Three of the leading researchers from the initiative will be presenting at this public symposium.

  • How do researchers find the genes responsible for brain diseases and what is your risk?

  • What are the common mechanisms affecting brain cells in a diverse range of brain diseases?

Come along to hear about the powerful new techniques for identifying disease genes and the everyday processes at work within your brain cells which research may be able to harness to support healthy brains.


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